The Most Customizable Fan Controls, Ever
Seeing an opportunity for more fine-tuned control, hardware-level ASUS Fan Xpert 2 literally blows away the competition to provide the best comprehensive settings to achieve the perfect balance of cooling performance and low noise.
Fan Auto Tuning Mode
Scans each fan's characteristics through the exclusive automatic fan speed detection, giving custom speed settings of each fan with a single click.

Complete Fan Information
Take advanced control with detailed information of each fan.

RPM Fixed Mode
Sets fan speed to a fixed value. Users can reduce noise levels to near 0dB with highly specific fan speed control. It reacts to system loads for greater control.
ASUS Fan Xpert 2 V.S. Other Fan Utilities
ASUS Fan Xpert 2
Other Power Design
Ultimate cool and quiet
RPM Fixed Mode sets fan speed at full/off speed on demand
Tailor-made fan
speed control
Fan Auto Tuning Mode scans through each fan installed to create its own custom setting
EZ setup
Selectable fan settings, Silent/Turbo/Performance mode with a single click
Comprehensive and
intuitive interface
AI Suite II
Complex interface with incomplete functionality